Raymond L. Brooks II



not just
another drummer

Welcome to the Official Website of Ray 'Hitman' Brooks, professional percussion  specialist located in Greensboro, North Carolina.


Ray plays with several groups in the area, and also gives lessons to people of all ages!


need a band or lessons?  


Ray plays many different genres and can provide your event with a professional and skilled musical experience. Want to learn drums or have a child that wants to take drum lessons? Ray has over 30 years experience and can take your playing to the next level!



"Raymond Brooks has been facilitating a monthly Drum Circle at Ten Thousand Villages for three years, giving of his time to support our mission of benefiting the underprivileged in developing countries, and to encourage the creative expression of those who otherwise might not have the chance to try drumming. Raymond is not only a great drummer, but a great teacher as well. Our Drum Circle participants have ranged in age from 2 to 82, with every level of skill possible, and whether they have never picked up a drum or have been drumming for years, drummers in one of Raymond's circles have fun and leave feeling more confident in their ability to drum."

- Joelle Nealy, Coordinator, Ten Thousand Villages, Greensboro, NC

"Raymond is one of the most skilled percussionists/drummers I have ever worked with. The enthusiasm he brings to every gig is infectious which helps keep the crowd happy whether we're playing a winery, wedding, festival or private party. I appreciate what he brings to the variety of music we perform. He changes his style of playing based or whether we play folk, jazz, funk or pop which is what I appreciate most."

- Lyn Koonce, Singer/Songwriter, Greensboro, NC


"Raymond Brooks has exactly what I look for in a drummer: great pocket and sense of groove, versatility, good judgment, and he always listens closely to what the other people in the band are doing. He is the kind of drummer that actually makes my job as a guitarist easier. His drumming creates a backdrop that is easy to lock in with, and his sense of dynamic rise and fall helps propel me along when I am soloing. Playing music with Raymond is always great experience, and I'd gladly recommend him to anyone."

- Andy Lemaire, Guitarist/Teacher, Greensboro, NC


Keep the rhythm strong